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What is a shoe insole

What is a shoe insole


In this article,S-King Insoles Parts will explain "What is a shoe insole" to you, hoping to be helpful.

What is a shoe insole?


The outsole is simply made of natural or synthetic rubber.

Rubber shoe insole

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(1)natural rubber: the advantage of natural rubber is that it is very soft, excellent elasticity, can be suitable for all kinds of sports, but the disadvantage is also very obvious that it is not wear-resistant.

Indoor sports shoes are made of natural rubber.

Synthetic rubber

Synthetic rubber is also divided into wear-resistant rubber, environmental rubber, air rubber, sticky rubber, hard rubber, plus carbon rubber.

(1)wear-resistant rubber [1] : wear-resistant rubber is very good in wear resistance and toughness, so it is very durable. This rubber material is generally used on the outsole of tennis shoes.

(2)environment-friendly rubber: also known as recycled material rubber, this rubber outsole contains up to 10% recycled rubber, mainly for environmental protection.

(3)air rubber: rubber contains air, has a certain damping function, but is not very wear-resisting, the use is not very broad.

(4)viscous rubber: viscous rubber is characterized by good flexibility, and very skid resistant, generally used in indoor sports shoes.

(5)hard rubber: hard rubber is the most comprehensive rubber in the material of outsole rubber. It is tough, non-slip and wear-resistant, so it has a wide range of USES.

Multifunctional shoes and basketball shoes are mostly made of this rubber outsole.

(6)carbon rubber: carbon element is added into the ordinary rubber material to make the rubber more tough and wear-resistant. Most running shoes use this kind of rubber, and the letters of BRS are marked on the back shoe insole to indicate that carbon rubber is used in the outsole.

Rubber play bottoms

Rubber outsole: this kind of outsole is not common. The raw material of this kind of outsole is industrial glue, which is stirred by a mixer and heated into a mold. It is characterized by softness and anti-skid.

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