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What is the sole of a shoe insole

What is the sole of a shoe insole


In this article,S-King Insoles Parts will explain "What is the sole of a shoe insole" to you, hoping to be helpful.

What is the sole of a shoe insole?

Bottom in the PHYLON

The PHYLON midsole, which I don't think many of you will know, is the PHYLON midsole, and the EVA midsole is the most common.

In fact, both of them belong to the same property category (engineering plastics), but why do they have different names?

PHYLON originated in the United States, and the earliest shoe midsole was called PHYLON. There was no division between EVA midsole and PHYLON midsole. Later, with the continuous development of footwear products, the name of the midsole was more systematized in the shoe research and development factories of some big brands in Taiwan and South Korea.

I'm going to talk about the difference between the EVA midsole and the PHYLON midsole.

The most commonly used shoe insole is the PHYLON insole. The biggest characteristic of PHYLON is its light weight, good elasticity and good shock absorption performance. PHYLON is called secondary foaming.

S-King-What Is The Sole Of A Shoe Insole

EVA midsole is also very light, but its cushioning performance and elasticity are far less than that of PHYLON midsole, and its cost is much lower than that of PHYLON. EVA midsole is called primary foaming.

The reason why they have the same property, different name, different performance is that PHYLON is the second foaming, and EVA is the first foaming.

(1)primary foaming (EVA) : when the material is injected into the mold and heated at high temperature, the sole of the shoe that is formed in one time is called the sole of primary foaming, that is, the sole of the shoe.

(2)secondary foaming (PHYLON) : after the material is injected into the mold, the midsole of the shoe that is fired and shaped after two times of high temperature heating is called the secondary foaming midsole, which is also known as the PHYLON midsole.

The hardness of the PHYLON is also controlled by temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the density of the burnt PHYLON.

The smaller the heat, the lighter and softer the naturally occurring PHYLON is, so you can't judge a midsole by its weight or how soft or hard it is.

The hardness of PHYLON is different with different secondary foaming process.

(3)cloth-burning insole: the cloth-burning insole is also the PHYLON insole, which is a kind of shoe making technology used by the designer to pursue the overall design feeling. The best example is that the same cloth is used for the insole and the shoe body, which makes the combination of the shoe body and the shoe insole as a whole, which is also a highlight in the shoe making process.

This process is achieved by wrapping the formed PHYLON midsole in the selected cloth, burning it in the mold at high temperature, and turning it into the fabric midsole as seen in LB1.

PU in the bottom

PU insole: in addition to PHYLON insole and EVA insole, PU insole is also very common. The biggest advantage of PU insole is good elasticity and toughness.

The bottom of the package

Midsole: the shoe has a built-in midsole structure, also known as midsole.

Like the familiar t-mac series, NIKE's style series all belong to the structure of the midsole. From the outside, the midsole is composed of the outsole and the upper, but the structure is still composed of the outsole, the midsole and the upper, but the midsole is wrapped in the inside of the upper.

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