Cushioned Shoe Inserts

by:S-King     2020-04-22
If you are looking for a quick way to make your new or existing shoes more comfortable then some shoe insoles may be the best solution for you. Assuming that you are not suffering from any serious foot problems or injuries some cushioning insoles can make your feet feel much more comfortable. We spend a great deal of time on our feet so making our shoes as comfortable as possible can keep us on our feet for longer and allow us to do more. Most people simply don't replace their shoes often enough and some cushioning shoe insoles like gel shoe inserts will help you get more life out of your shoes. These types of inserts are simply for added cushioning and are not to be mistaken for adding extra support for your feet. Cushioned insoles are made to replace the standard insoles that come with your shoes and come in a range of materials. The most common type is a simple foam insole that is slightly thicker. Foam is typically the lightest choice however it does have several drawbacks namely that it has the shortest useful lifespan of the insole materials. Foam shoe insoles also tend to be a little bulky at first then lose their shape the fastest. Gel shoe inserts hold their shape for longer and better quality ones can be used for 2 consecutive pairs of shoes. Because the gel is denser than the foam it takes up less space inside the shoe leaving your feet with room to expand when it is warmer. The thinner profile also means that they can fit into more types of shoes. Other types of inserts that provide cushioning are Sheep skin inserts. These are predominantly used to keep your feet warm in very cold climates and aren't suitable for use inside running or athletic shoes.
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