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Diabetes And Foot Care

by:S-King     2020-05-22
Being diagnosed with diabetes makes you more likely to develop a number of medical conditions, including serious infections in your feet and legs. Read this article to learn more about diabetes and foot care. Select your shoes carefully. You might have to sacrifice style for comfort and safety. Do not wear a pair of shoes that contain plastic or another hard material on the inside. When shopping for shoes, take the time to try several pairs and look for one in which you feel comfortable. Inspect the inside of the shoes carefully and make sure nothing will irritate your feet. The shoes you buy should fit perfectly: do not cut your circulation by wearing shoes that are too tight. You should also avoid wearing high heels since the weight of your body should be evenly spread between the tip and the heel of your feet. When shopping for shoes, do not hesitate to tell the salesperson you have diabetes and need comfortable shoes. You could even go to specialized stores to get a pair of medical shoes. Keep your shoes clean. You should buy several pairs of shoes so you can wash a pair while you wear another. Disinfect the inside of your shoes very carefully since a small cut could easily turn into an infection. If a pair of shoes gets too old and dirty, throw it away. Do not let anyone else borrow your shoes: keep in mind that your feet are much more sensitive and you might get fungus or athlete's foot if you trade shoes with someone. On a hot day, do not hesitate to bring two pairs of shoes to work or school and change shoes in the middle of the day. Always wear socks, unless you are wearing brand new shoes made out of a soft material. Do not wear socks that are too tight: buy them one size too big if you have to. Avoid socks with a tight elastic that could cut the circulation in your ankles. If a pair of socks has holes in it, stop wearing it immediately. Wash your socks regularly and do not hesitate to change your socks if you have been sweating or walking a lot. Purchase large quantities of white socks so you can easily notice when your socks get dirty. Do not walk barefoot, not even inside your home. You should at least wear a pair of slippers at home and find some shoes that protect your toes and the side of your feet for the summertime. This means you should never wear flip flops or sandals with open toes. Find a comfortable pair of shoes that let the top of your feet breathe but protects the areas that could get injured. If you wear open shoes, be very careful of where you walk. Stay away from tall grass and any place where you might scratch or cut your feet on unseen objects. Wash your feet thoroughly twice a day. Use lukewarm water and soap. Get your feet wet and make sure you soap them entirely. Do not forget to wash in between your toes. Rinse your feet and dry them with a clean towel. You should never walk around with wet feet or stand in a puddle of water. Put your slippers back on after you are done drying your feet. You also need to keep your toe nails clean and as short as possible. Always disinfect your nail clippers before and after you use them. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with a specialist if you need help with your foot care regimen or notice something unusual. Taking good care of your feet will soon become a habit. Do not neglect the other things you need to do to keep your diabetes under control!
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