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Diabetic Foot Ulcers: How to Handle Your Leg and

by:S-King     2020-05-12
Diabetic foot ulcers are a condition that is common to people suffering from diabetes. This condition can get worse and lead to leg and foot amputation when left untreated. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is crucial that you start to pay specific attention to caring for your feet and legs as these are the body parts most susceptible to diabetic complications. Alerts that You May Be Suffering from Diabetic Ulcers More often than not, there are signs and symptoms alerting you that you may have leg and foot ulcers and these are the following: diabetes (consultation with physician is necessary for the diagnosis), obesity or excessive and rapid weight gain, painful swollen and itchy foot or leg, desensitized foot or neuropathy where the nerves lose its senses, and foot deformities like corn, callouses, bunions among others. Tracing the Causative Factors There can be several causes for diabetic foot ulcers, and one of the most prevalent is the undue pressure on the foot that causes stress, and stress in turn causes abnormalities and deformities leading to foot ulcers. This pressure is often traced to nerve damage brought by diabetes that results to lack of foot feeling. When foot ulcers worsen, you can be at high risks for foot amputation. Preventive Measures It is always best to address diabetic foot ulcers at their earliest stages to prevent serious of complications that can lead to amputation. You can do some foot exercises although you have to be careful not to exercise your foot too much. You may want to consult with your health practitioner to determine the most suitable foot exercise for your condition. Next is to prevent infection to seep in. Foot ulcers are characterized by wounds that are hard to heal. It is extremely crucial to treat these wounds, especially the open type wounds that can be used by bacterial and fungi infections as their gateway. One effective way to treat these wounds is to apply a topical solution such as that of Dermawound that can halt any bacterial or fungal activity while healing your wounds fast. Foot Care Tips It is necessary and important for people with diabetic foot ulcers to maintain a regular foot care regimen to stop and prevent the condition from worsening and to free your body (feet and legs) from any risks of complications from the condition. You can do this with the following tips: Perform a daily check of your legs and feet, and be alert of the signs and symptoms such as loss of feeling, foot skin deformities, swelling and redness that are often accompanied by pain and itching, wounds that are hard to heal; Implement the right foot care regimen such as proper cleaning of the feet, keeping your nails trimmed and short, treating wounds, and keeping your blood sugar at its favourable level; Wear a pair of clean and dry shoes that fits perfectly.
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