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Does S-KingInsoles have agents in foreign countries?

Dongguan S-King Insoles Limited is a leading technology company, which has long been committed to the development and production of natracure gel forefoot cushions. S-King Insoles produces a number of different product series, including gel insoles. Thanks to the efforts of our experienced team, orthotic insoles we manufacture is of orthotic insoles for flat feet. The ultra-slim design increases the comfort and performance of the S-King heated insoles. Eliminating the pollution of mercury to the environment as well as harm to users, this product will not produce any harmful hazardous waste, hence, it's safe to the human body. S-king insoles have been proved by a number of certifications, such as CE, TUV, GS, UL.

Under the guidance of the enterprise management philosophy, S-King complied with the development trend of the times. Inquire now!
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