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Foot Care Products That Help Your Feet

by:S-King     2020-05-15
Having a heel spur is more common than people think. Most people who have the condition do not feel pain or other symptoms. They only find out they have a problem when they get an x-ray, where you can clearly see the spur. Those who have it only feel pain after having the spur for a long time. There are many options for foot spurs treatment that can alleviate the pain and heal your feet altogether. Your feet are two of your most used body parts. Every time you walk, run, jump, or even when you stand up, they carry your entire body weight. Like the rest of your body parts, it suffers when subjected to strenuous activities. One such example is the breaking of the connective tissue at the soles of our feet: the plantar fascia. It suffers damage and can even detach itself from your heel under tremendous stress. As the damage increases, calcium deposits form where the tears on the tissue are. These calcium deposits harden and turn into heel spurs. There are easy foot spurs treatment you can try at home. Applying an ice pack to the affected area several times in a day reduces swelling. Proper stretching also helps alleviate the pain and strengthen your foot muscles. Crushed flaxseed mixed with a little water forms a paste which reduces swelling. Borax mixed with warm water not only helps with the pain, but also targets the calcium deposits. Foot care products like massage oils may help, but coconut oil yields better results when used as your massage oil. Other foot care products such as heel cushions, arch supports, foot inserts, and heel cradles also reduce the level of discomfort. Choosing shoes that provide cushion and ample support is vital to correct the alignment of your feet and prevent further damage to your plantar fascia. If these home remedies and products do not work, you should see a physician immediately. They will prescribe medication for the spur, and you should feel better in a couple of weeks' time. They can inject you with a dose of cortisone to reduce the inflammation of connective tissue. If the tissue detaches completely, or if the calcium deposit on your heel damages other muscles in your foot, a podiatrist may perform surgery to repair your plantar fascia and remove the deposit on your heel. This is a more permanent solution, but this only happens for five percent of the cases of heel spur. Many people neglect to take care of their feet. You should realize that you need to keep your feet healthy because they take you places. Exercising regularly, performing stretches designed to strengthen your foot muscles, and getting enough rest helps you avoid having this condition. If you experience pain on your heel, have it examined by a physician at once. Living with heel spurs is bearable and possible with all the foot spurs treatment available.
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