General Thermo Heated Insoles Instructions

by:S-King     2020-04-30
You may have bought thermo soles heated insoles and lost the instructions on proper usage. This is an instruction guide to how to properly use your heated insoles. Before the first usage you need to charge the heated insoles for eight hours. This gives the battery a full charge. Insert the adapter into each socket of the soles. Find your nearest electrical plugin outlet and begin the charge. Charge both insoles together. Remember to keep the power turned off while they are charging. Once the thermo heated soles have charged for eight hours a green light will appear notifying you they are ready for use. The heated thermo shoe insoles need only two hours of electrical charge after each use. You only need to charge your insoles for eight hours for the first initial charge. The battery will not be damaged if you overcharge them but remember you only need to charge them for two hours. Next, add the insoles to the shoes you wish to use them in. You can either leave the original insole in or take it out whichever is most comfortable to you. Turn both switches on. They will regulate foot temperature with integrated thermostats. They monitor when your foot temperature drops below 31 degrees Celsius then turn on to keep your feet warm. The thermo chargeable shoe insoles last anywhere from six to eight hours. Remove them after use and turn them off when you begin the recharge process. Do not clean them with water or soaps. Use only a damp cloth and let them air dry keep them stored in a cool area.
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