Get a New Career in Foot Care - Part 1

by:S-King     2020-05-08
Who Could Become a Foot Care Pro? (NOTE: Foot care pros are also known as 'foot health care practitioners', though you may find them called 'foot care practitioners', 'foot health practitioners', 'foot health care professionals', 'foot care professionals' and 'foot health professionals'!) I'm often asked the question, 'Would I be a suitable candidate for training in this area?' Generally, the answer is 'yes'. In essence, anyone who wants a new career or wants to add to an existing complementary profession can benefit. Foot health and care as a new career would suit you if you are: Just out of college A mother or father returning to work Looking for a more rewarding career Being made redundant Retired, but wanting to do something new In fact, it's a suitable career for women or men from 18-80! It can be added to an existing career such as: Pedicure Reflexology Osteopathy Physiotherapy Chiropracty A foot health care career can be anything from offering a valuable toe nail cutting service all the way up to doing biomechanical assessment and orthotics. Foot Care Practitioner or Podiatrist? This article isn't really aimed at people wanting to go down the podiatry route, though there is nothing to stop a foot health practitioner going on to do a degree if the bug bites and you want to learn even more, and have the time and money. Instead, this series of articles is aimed instead at those of you who want to start (or add to) a new career within a relatively short time and with relatively few set up costs. Podiatry (chiropody) is a great profession, but requires the financial and time commitment for a degree course. The benefits of becoming a qualified foot health care practitioner are that you can get going quickly and easily, work part or full time in and around other make a very decent level of income while you're at it. Even better, it doesn't matter what age you are - people in their early twenties through to their fifties train as foot care practitioners. Of course, people can practise until much older if they are healthy themselves and enjoy the work. Benefits of going into the foot care profession There are not enough podiatrists (chiropodists) to go round even now, and yet: The number of retired and elderly people is increasing The number of younger people keen to look after their feet is increasing A lot of money is lost due to people being off with bad backs (yes, this bit is relevant!) Much of the work done by podiatrists can be covered by foot health care professionals No matter what the state of the economy, people need their feet looking after As the economy strengthens there are many more niches you will be able market to A lot of money is lost due to people being off with bad backs (yes, this bit is relevant!) You don't need to buy your own premises You can work to your own timetable You can make a very good income You gain autonomy and respect See you in article number two, Get a New Career in Foot Care Part 2.
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