Good Shoes, Bad Shoes!

by:S-King     2020-05-10
Many of us have absolutely no idea on how to choose a pair of good shoes. Some think that designer brands are the best while some think that the price of the pair of shoes determines the quality of the pair of shoes and then some think that the outlook determines the quality of the pair of shoes! It is not that designer shoes or good-looking shoes are bad for you, it is just that the brand and outlook should not be the sole factors that determine the choice of your purchase. Often, it is always the least good-looking pair that is the most comfortable. Good shoes are an essential part of our lives as a pair of healthy feet can really make a difference in our daily lives. Many do not know that our feet have many nerve receptors. These nerve receptors will send important signals to the central nervous system. In many cases, if one has foot problems, this will cause the nerve to send wrong information to the central nervous system and thus misleading our body system. To be able to walk properly is important as it defines the balance between good communication between the overall nervous system and also the nerves of the feet. Apart from nervous system, our feet have the most meridian points and foot care should not be taken lightly at all. These meridian points are popular in acupuncture and are the basis to many health indications in Chinese medicine. According to Chinese traditional acupuncture, our feet has the most meridian points than any parts of our body and thus, if certain parts of our body is not healthy, it can be shown by putting pressure of the various meridian points on the foot. However, improper foot care can lead to blockage of these points and thus problems will arise in important parts connecting to the meridian points of the foot. Proper foot care is essential in helping us to obtain a healthier body and nervous system. Many are still neglecting their foot care and still think that it is non-essential to pay so much attention to a place where many would not look at. This is the wrong perception and should be amended quickly as problems with the foot will not arise quickly, so by the time you realize that there is something wrong with your foot, it might be a bit too late to amend it.
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