S-king height increasing insoles and shoe inserts for height allow increasing your height by up to 3cm,5cm,7cm or 9cm. There are 2 different options of height increasing insoles: 3 layers and 4 layers. With a universal design, the shoe inserts for height fit well in both men's and women's footwear and can be easily removed. These shoe insoles for height are invisible when putting into shoes so that no one will know the secret behind your increased height.


According to the material, S-King shoe insoles's products are divided into several categories, and the height increasing insoles is one of them. Under the guidance of the market, S-King height increasing insoles supplier  constantly strives for innovation. Our shoe insoles for height has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality. S-King height increasing insoles have a complete and mature service team to provide excellent services for customers and seek mutual benefit with them.

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