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How about sales of flat foot orthotics insoles under S-King?

Dongguan S-King Insoles Limited has been engaged in the production of battery heated insoles for a long time. S-King Insoles produces a number of different product series, including heel cushion. S-King gel insoles for kids is formulated using two distinct strategies, namely technology and market (or customer-driven). Its design is based on the architect’s aesthetic vision as well as the everchanging customer requirement. Covered by S-King antimicrobial layer, the S-King shoe matching insoles are odorless. When it comes to brighter and low energy consumption lights, this product is the choice. Freeing people of replacing bulbs and cutting cost in electricity bills, it is certainly a cost-effective lighting product. Crafted from high-quality materials, S-King insoles show a good durability.

S-King adheres to the development line of gel insoles, seizing the opportunities of the times. Ask online!
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