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How many orthotic insoles are produced by S-KingInsoles per year?

Dongguan S-King Insoles Limited has integrated design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales in good feet insoles. At present, the company enjoys a stable market share in domestic, and it will gradually expand its position and influence in the international markets. S-King Insoles produces a number of different product series, including height insoles. The production of S-King gel heel cushions is rigorous. Along with the materials that furnish the look and feel of a building, technologies applied are also highly demanded. To prevent the growth of odor, the S-King PU insoles have been given anti-bacterial treatment. This product is operated by low voltage electric current, thus, it is free of electrical problems and it is safe and secure for users. The S-King insoles are designed to be non-slip.

Carrying out the plan of orthotic insoles has been proved to be effective in S-King. Inquiry!
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