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How to Take Care of Your Foot If You Have Diabetes

by:S-King     2020-05-17
One complication of Diabetes Mellitus is Diabetic Foot. This is primarily due to diabetic neuropathy, that is, damage to the nerves. There will be decreased sensation in the patient's foot that even if it gets wounded, he wouldn't able to feel it. It would only be felt when the injury becomes severe or when it becomes infected. Diabetes changes the circulation of blood in the feet. Thus, ulcers become deeper that it needs to be amputated. Before amputation occurs, diabetic patients should pay particular attention to foot care even if they do not see any foot injury. FOOT CARE FOR DIABETICS: 1. Check your feet every day. 2. Feet should be washed daily using lukewarm water and mild soaps. 3. Make sure that water is not too hot to prevent burns. Water temperature can be tested by placing your elbows to the water first before the feet. 4. Dry your feet gently and thoroughly, especially in between the toes because infections are common in moist surfaces. 5. Apply lotion to your feet to prevent it from cracking. However, lotion should not be applied directly to the sore. 6. Trim your nails correctly and regularly. 7. Your feet must be soaked first in lukewarm water in order to soften your toenails before trimming. 8. Nails should be cut straight across to prevent ingrown. 9. Avoid witting with legs crossed and avoid prolonged standing. Movement should be encouraged to promote circulation. 10. Smoking should be stopped for this causes decreased blood flow to the lower extremities. 11. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. As much as possible, the shoes must have plenty of room to prevent pressure. 12. Wear shoes made of leather, or suede. Shoes made of plastic or pure rubber and thong sandals must be avoided. 13. Wear shoes that are adjustable with laces, Velcro, or buckles. 14. Shoes should be worn at all times to prevent minor cuts in the foot. Make sure that there are no rough areas inside the shoes to prevent irritation. Temporarily remove shoes if it is worn for 5 hours to relieve pressure on the foot. 15. Wear clean and dry socks or non-binding panty hose daily. 16. If your feet are cold, wear warm socks to bed to prevent frostbite. 17. Antiseptic solutions should be avoided to prevent injury and burns. 18. Corns and calluses should not be self-treated with over-the-counter medications. You should pay your physician a visit. Any injuries, blisters, or redness should be reported to the physician.
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