My Foot Is Killing Me

by:S-King     2020-05-26
Did you foot start off with a little 'stiffness' as you stepped on it first thing in the morning? But did the pain subside by the time you made it from your bed to the bathroom? As the days passed did you find that your foot pain was becoming more intense and lasting longer? However did you find that you had days with no pain? These are all things that I experienced but I did not take the time to go to the doctor. It just seems that when the pain got so intense it seems to fade during the morning or mid day. I did 'soak' my foot from time to time but the 'condition' remained. But as time passed, about 6 months, the pain was continual. My heel was very tender to touch and caused much pain as I walked. I then resorted to going to a Podiatrist. The advise she gave was to get a shot of cortisone and a more supportive pair of shoes. I took her advise and had the shot of cortisone and bought a pair of Nike Air's. After 2 weeks returned, still in pain. At this point I decided to 'fire my doctor' and take matters in my own hands. Through much research I was able to develop a healing plan on my own. Plantar Fasciitis is the swelling of the plantar which is in the arch of the foot coming from the back of the leg down across the heel and up to the ball of the foot. As we sleep the foot 'rest' and that plantar stiffens up. Therefore the intense pain when we first step on the foot in the morning. Before you place your foot on the floor stretch the foot. Do this by sitting on the edge of the bed putting your painful foot across the knee of the good leg. Now pull back on the toes so you are stretching the 'arch' of your foot. Now massaging tea tree oil into the heel and ankle to speed up the healing process of the irratated plantar. (This can also be done prior to bed) Walking should be a bit less painful now! Something I had discovered through this 'self analysis' was that the pain was about 50 to 75% less as the swelling went down. The largest contributor for the reduced swelling was the 4000mg of omega 3 cold water fish oil taken every day. The important thing is to get the swelling of the plantar down so the 'pulling' on the heel goes away. After a week the swelling was down. The pain in the heal was gone but I was still feeling pain on the 'sides' of my heel. This constant 'ache' was also accompanied by a shooting pain that ran from the side of my arch up to the ankle. The amazing thing was this pain would also subside when the arch support was removed from my shoe. It seems that the support was bruising the 'side' of my heel and causing spasms. So if you are still dealing with aching feet take serious consideration to removing the shoe inserts as well as stretching, taking fish oils(cold water) and massaging with tea tree oil.
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