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Picking a Shoe Insert for Your Heel Pain

by:S-King     2020-05-27
It's hard to know exactly how many people suffer from foot and heel pain. Some studies put the number between 35 and 45% of adults. One study suggested that more than 70% of adults suffer from heel pain that is disabling enough that they do not exercise because of it. There are two main types of heel pain-pain that originates behind the heel and pain that originates underneath the heel. A shoe insert is most effective in treating pain that originates behind the heel. This type of heel pain is most frequently caused by an inflamed Achilles tendon (that can come from too much running or exercise or by wearing shoes that rub and cut into your heel). You might even develop a bump on the back of your foot at the top of the heel bone. If this is the cause of your pain you might notice that the pain is worst right after you've been resting or with you first start exercising. Before you get a shoe insert try switching shoes and resting your feet for a day or two. You could just have a shoe that is rubbing you're the wrong way causing your heel pain. If that doesn't provide relief, it's time for you to take a little more proactive action. Inserts provided by your doctor can be really expensive so before you make that investment try getting a generic insert from your local pharmacy. These are easy to find and cost between $5 and $15. You should look for one that will provide you with between A� and A� of an inch of height in the heel. Every morning and night be sure to stretch your ham strings and Achilles tendon by standing flat on the floor with your toes between 8 and 12 inches from the wall. Lean forward (keeping your feet flat on the floor) as far as you can until your nose touches the wall. If you don't feel relief from your heel pain after a couple of weeks of wearing your shoe insert make an appointment to see a doctor. Your doctor can help you get inserts that are specially built for your feet and give you even more support to treat foot pain like plantar fasciitis. This condition can cause ball of foot pain and heel pain alike and can be managed with quality shoe inserts or supportive, well designed orthopedic shoes.
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