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Powerstep Insoles - The Podiatrists Choice!

by:S-King     2020-04-29
One thing that kind of irks me about a lot of orthotic insole companies is the fact that they have so many products. I mean, do we really need a specific type of insert for every shoe that's ever been made? This is kind of overkill, in my opinion. One company that hasn't saturated their line of products to the point of confusion is Powerstep. They have five different shoe insoles. That's it. No sub lines, no extras, just five. Their most popular is the Full Length insole. This is a pretty standard shoe insert that helps with common ailments like heel pain, arch pain and knee pain. It's comparable to a prescription shoe insoles and provides the user with a double layered foam insole. This makes the Full Length comfortable, as well as supportive. Powerstep also makes the Pinnacle insole. This shoe insert is made from EVA foam for even a softer surface. If you have a narrow foot, you'll probably want to look at using the Slimtech insole. I have narrow feet and really like this product. Now I don't have to cut up a wider insoles to have a more comfortable shoe! They fit really nicely into dress shoes as well as casual type runners. The Arch Boosters are a specialty shoe insoles offering from Powerstep. These are designed for overweight, flat footed people. Many of the same benefits that the Full Length insole offers are found in the Arch Booster. The last shoe insert that this company makes is designed for people suffering from front foot pain. It's called the Metatarsal Relief and does a very adequate job.
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