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Relieving Extreme Foot Pain - 8 Ways To Do It

by:S-King     2020-04-18
Many people do not realize just how important their feet are, until they start to hurt. When every step causes extreme foot pain, life can become quite miserable. Especially for those who work standing up and/or walking. According to Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Gary Stewart, too many people suffer through their foot pain. He says that the majority of people do not need an operation. Ill-fitting shoes can many times be the culprit of foot discomfort and pain. They are too high, loose or not giving the support that is necessary, which causes the pain. For those suffering with foot pain, there may be a non-surgical form of relief available to them. Dr. Stewart suggests some remedies which include wearing shoe inserts for additional support, some stretching exercises or even icing the feet to relieve the pain. Eight Painful Foot Conditions & Over-the-Counter (OTC) Products Offering Relief 1. Arch Pain - This is pain or fatigue in the arch. This condition is common in individuals with flatfeet and fallen arches. - Arch supports, including Orthotics 2. Corns - These are small lumps of thick skin which form on areas where pressure is borne on feet. - Corn removers - Corn cushions 3. Heel Pain - This is pain radiating from the back of the heel to the front. - Heel cups - Heel cushions - Orthotics pain relief for the heel 4. Achy Feet - Tired, achy feet occur after prolonged walking or standing. - Custom-fit Orthotic inserts - High-heel insoles - Gel insoles 5. Calluses - A callus is thick and hard skin that occurs due to repeated friction and pressure on those particular areas. - Liquid corn and callus remover - Callus cushions - Extra-thick callus removers 6. Pain in the Ball of the Foot - This pain occurs between the toes and the arch of the foot. - Pain relief Orthotics for pain in the ball of foot - Gel shoe insoles 7. Arthritis Pain - This is pain in the feet due to osteoarthritis. - Pain relief Orthotics for arthritis 8. Bunions - These are a swelling or bump on the joint of the big toe. Nearly half of all women suffer with this condition, whereas only one-quarter of men do. This condition is almost always caused or worsened by shoes that don't fit properly. - Toe Spacers - Padding - Orthotic inserts - Splints - Cushions - Gel inserts How a Shoe Insole/Insert Helps Ease Foot Discomfort & Pain Shoe inserts are designed to correct how the foot fits in the shoe so the foot works naturally since most walking complaints are actually caused by incorrect foot function. These insoles re-align the anklebones and the feet to their neutral position, which then restores the natural functioning of the feet. This also helps lessen problems in other parts of the body affected by the feet, such as the knees, shins, hips and back. Shoe insoles redistribute weight more evenly, which takes pressure off the sore spots on the feet. They also provide a measure of shock absorption as well. If suffering with foot pain and/or discomfort, there is OTC relief available. If you are not having any foot discomfort or pain yet, consider preventing it with a shoe insole.
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