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Tips for Relieving Diabetes Caused Foot Pain

by:S-King     2020-05-09
Foot pain with diabetes can make life really uncomfortable. Unfortunately foot pain among diabetics is very common. It can be very restrictive and keep an individual from doing some very basic tasks, such as walking or doing simple household chores. The diabetes type of foot pain is generally caused by a nerve problem called Peripheral Neuropathy. There are three main types of peripheral neuropathy known as autonomic, sensory, and motor neuropathy. A large number of people who suffer from diabetes complain that their foot pain is a result of the sensory neuropathy. Some symptoms might include numbness, tingling, stabbing or burning pain in the foot. Prevention of diabetes caused foot problems is quite important because often other complications such as blisters, foot lesions and ulcers can occur. For diabetics, if foot related problems like ulcers and lesions are not treated, it can result in major complications like surgery and in some cases as serious as amputation of the foot or the entire leg. There are a number of ways you can help to prevent diabetes related foot pain. Here are a few basic foot care tips. Check both feet daily to ensure that there are no signs of infections and blisters. In patients suffering from diabetes, infections are not usually felt until they have become very irritated. Wash your feet with warm water daily. Do not soak your feet for a long time in water because waterlogged sores are quite hard to heal. Pat your feet dry with a soft towel and especially be sure you dry between your toes as well. Burning pain in your foot may be caused by wearing ill-fitted shoes. If your footwear is uncomfortable, you may soon develop blisters which will turn into sores and become infected. Buy good quality shoes which fit well. Do not take the risk of walking barefoot. Always make sure that you wear shoes, slippers, or sandals whether you are inside your house or outside. Shoes made of leather and plastic can irritate your skin and bring on blisters quickly since they don't breathe. To help avoid these foot related problems, you can wear thicker socks to help absorb moisture. You can also use foot powder. Nerve damage cannot be predicted and if you notice any change in sensation in your feet, toes or legs, tell your doctor immediately. Even if the matter seems trivial to you, speak up if you feel tingling sensation or pins and needles or any other unusual signs. Remember, diabetes related foot pain can result in serious complications and so you should definitely be concerned with any changes. Don't go just yet...
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