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Types of Spenco Insoles

by:S-King     2020-05-02
There has been an increase in popularity of the Spenco insoles and Spenco backpacker it is no surprise to many people. This is because there are many footwear devices that Spenco has offered; each having unique and enhanced features that are designed to cater for orthopedic problems like body posture and stability as well as strenuous activities such as hiking or athletics. When it comes to shoe insoles, Spenco has provided a wide array of them. Some of these types include: The Polysorb Types: These types are mostly poplar with people suffering from numerous leg and hip disorders. They provide the necessary comfort and optimum support whilst preventing ailments and diseases like splints and tendinitis. There are various categories provided in this type for instance walker, trainer and hiker. Thus, it is easy for one to pick the most appropriate that is suited to one's lifestyle. They are also used for everyday people due to their flexible nature. However, it is suitable for those who to walk around and stand all day; especially on concrete. It is beneficial to have such shoes because they are able to increase one's comfort while walking and the additional cushioning allows people to have a flexible lower body. The Gel Designed Types: These are the 'in thing' when it comes to orthopedic treatment and overall comfort. They are hugely on demand and increasingly popular due to their soft yet strong features. Some people describe them as feet mattresses because they provide full support to the feet. Other auxiliary support features are designed to cover the heel, the ball of the foot and the medial arch. This gel type encapsulates an antimicrobial cloth covering the top which is designed to cater for any nasty feet odors and also prevent blisters. Coupled with this gel type are heel cups meant for securing and increasing flexibility in the heels, arch cushions and little amounts of gel for supporting the ball of the foot. Inserts for Women: Not all insoles are meant for unisex consumption. This is because, for starters, women have different body sizes as compared to men. Furthermore, they have shaped feet that different from men. Therefore, it's important to have insoles that are designed for women since they have different body alignments and walking techniques. Spenco has two types of women inserts: those designed to align the body and enhance body posture and the other one is designed to provide an extra cushioning and support. The Rx : This is type cannot be obtained without a prescription. There are various categories that are offered from this type but there are general features that they possess for instance they tend to evenly distribute the weight across the feet with the aim of leveling body posture and hip weight. Spenco Inserts for Kids: Children have quickly growing feet. Due to this reason, it is vital that they get the necessary support and cushioning. This type of inserts is made from memory foam material. This assists in shock absorption and prevents unexpected blister formation because of its flexible nature.
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