Why Choose The Imelda Black, Silver Combi by Beautifeel

by:S-King     2020-05-05
One of the most popular brands of shoes on the market today are the Imelda design by Beautifeel Shoes. These shoes are part of the 7cm collection and they have several incredible comfort features. One of the most well known and well liked features of this shoe is the full heel-to-toe patented foam foot-bed. This is one the very few anatomically contoured shoes available today. The term 'anatomically contoured' refers to the design of the Beautifeel Shoes insole. Each insole is gently raised in the arch area where the foot has a natural space. This mainly helps to distribute pressure more evenly along the bottom of the foot while supporting the arch to help prevent it from turning in. This feature of the shoe is why Beautifeel Shoes are known to help stabilize the arch of the foot while reducing shock at the same time. Another excellent feature of these shoes is the cushioning materials that are used to make the shoes. Beautifeel Shoes are made with full memory properties to ensure that the cushioning will never flatten or lose support. The term 'full memory' is used to describe cushioning material that 'remembers' its' original shape. This material is used because it takes a long time to show any sign of compression. The footbeds of the shoes retain their cushioning and support properties much longer than other types of shoe insoles. The uppers of these shoes are constructed of high quality calfskin leathers. This is why all Beautifeel Shoes are so soft, stylish, and durable. One of the best features of the shoes, especially the Imelda design, is that each shoe is fully leather lined. Every part of each shoe or sandal that makes contact with your foot is leather. These all-natural lining enable the shoes to control the moisture level inside of the shoe. This helps to keep feet cool and is also prevents blistering. The shoes also feature an anti-slip out-sole which is made of latex rubber. The all-natural material is flexible and durable for all day use. Like the cushioning materials that are used to make the shoes, the latex rubber also retains it's cushioning properties remarkably better than other types of soles. An anatomically correct last is also used to construct all of the Beautifeel Shoes. The term 'last' refers to the shaped piece of wood, plastic, or metal that a shoe is built around. Each shoe has a last that are specially designed by master craftsmen to provide extra room for the toes while supporting the midfoot and holding the heel.
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