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S King Annual Meeting 2023

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S King Annual Meeting 2023

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S King team have been hold the annual meeting on the 6 January, 2024. It is the end of 2023, and the start of 2024. Team numbers are summarized carefully all the achievements in the last year, and giving the clearly presentation of the new year.

We all doing the best effort to provide professional service for the clients around the world in the 2023. S King is focus on the insole industry for over 15 years. The best selling in 2023 are the carbon fiber insoles. It is designed to relieve foot pain and facilitate injury recovery. It adds stiffness to your shoes to limit your foot motion and to take pressure off from your metatarsals. Our carbon fiber shoe inserts are pretty popular between hikers and athletes, especially ideal for the motor sports, ball games, and long hikes etc. It is a nice choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities.  

The team also dedicated to develop new products based on the customers need with the highest quality support in 2024. Whatever you need, we can design. Contact us right now for more details.


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