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Why arch support is important?

Why arch support is important?

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. All the standing activities are related to your feet. And the arch of the foot are the most important part. It may cause healthy problems if ignored.

What is the arch?

The tarsus and metatarsal bones of the foot are composed of ligaments and tendons to form an arch-shaped structure. Arch can be divided into a longitudinal arch in the anteroposterior direction and a transverse arch in the medial and lateral direction.

The arch increases the elasticity of the foot, making the foot to be a resilient tripod. The key function is to spread the body gravity forward to the talus and back to calcaneus to ensure the stability of the sole support while standing upright. It can increase the elasticity and cushioning when you're walking and jumping, and the other side, it helps to prevent the compression of the blood vessels and nerves in the sole of the foot.

How to protect your arch?

Both the custom insoles and muscle strengthening exercise are the effective method to protect the arch. We are focus on the insoles industry for over 15 years. Contact us for more details!


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